Saturday, April 19, 2014

Looking for our assigned mooring

We got confirmation about our assigned mooring from the Harbor Master and we will be at Pope Island, in New Bedford MA, not far from the hurricane barrier. We were told our mooring will be a "stones throw" from the dinghy docks so after we did some cleaning on the boat, we stopped by the marina to see where exactly our mooring was located.

Kids love going to the Pope Island Marina because there is a playground they can play on. So while daddy was searching for the mooring the kids ran around and played on this nice day by the water.

Dave (my hubby) had binoculars and still couldn't find our mooring. He went into the Marina part and asked the worker there and was told to call the Harbor Master. Since its Saturday, we decided we didn't want to call and bother the Harbor Master so we never did find it. But the kids had fun playing while daddy was looking.


When we got home, we remembered the GPS co-ordinates of the mooring was on the paperwork we had gotten. So we logged into Google Earth and we put in the co-ordinates and saw exactly where we will be located. YAY!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Almost clean

We were able to get a babysitter for our 4 kids, so now we can get some real cleaning done. And it looks so much better and smells much better as well. Weather is starting to warm up so and we're getting itchy to get her in the water. We are thinking May 1st but no set date yet. And we did get a confirmation that we will be at Popes Island. YAY, not far from the hurricane barrier.

Here are some "after" pics taken after we did some cleaning. Its still not done yet, its a work in progress, but you can already see improvement.


   With the table put together
 curtain to hide wires on other side
 added alcohol stove
 curtain to hide wires   With out the table

Privacy curtain added for toilet and separating berths 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Coming along

Things seem to be coming together nicely. I have joined some sailing message boards and groups. Learning what I can about sailing. My husband has been watching youtube videos learning what he can, and a friend from his work and his wife have offered to teach us how to sail and what we need to know. Incase something happens and they aren't able to teach us, we have been doing our research and will hopefully know what we are doing enough to learn as we go on launch day.

In the mean time we are learning the terminology and doing some cleaning of the Wanderlust.  As you can see from the inside pics from before we started cleaning, its pretty bad and smelled very musty. We will be taking all the cushions home to wash and clean them up and throwing away what we won't need.